About Shantea

For thousands of years, tea has been getting us ready to seize the day ahead!

The earliest references to drinking tea are from China. Legend has it that a leaf fell into the water that Emperor Shen Nung’s servants were boiling for him. He found the taste refreshing, and little did he know, invented the first cup of tea. To us, Chinese tea is the most beautiful product that exists, due to its pure simplicity.

Shan tea was founded by an overseas Chinese, who lived and studied abroad, but were not able to find tea she was used to back at home. If you like authentic tea, you shouldn't settle with lower quality either. Shan Tea is the bridge between Chinese tea farmers and business such as restaurants, cafes and hotels who want to present the best to their customers, as well as real tea drinkers and enthusiasts.

Shan Tea is the finest luxury tea brand in Latvia; a brand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in tea. Our large loose tea leaves are whole and not broken which creates that fresh taste in every cup.  In our selection you will find 18 different types of hand-picked loose leaf tea exclusive from China. We support the traditional harvesting methods and offers premium flavor and health benefits. The natural conditions of its origin and the processing method applied allow tea lovers to enjoy a limitless amount of flavors. Our teas are full of healthy antioxidants and are good for multiple infusions. We know there’s a perfect cup for every moment – and that no moment is perfect without tea.

Our strongest advocates are our loyal customers. Through word of mouth alone, our reputation continues to grow and we have become a much loved tea brand in Latvia, a fact that makes us incredibly proud. At Shan Tea we always listed to our loyal tea drinkers. So as healthy lifstyles become more of a priority for many, we always evolve our range with new teas. 

Our goal is to tell the world about the beauty and diversity of authentic tea and its culture. The world of tea is a fascinating place to explore, and we welcome you to join us on our journey of tea..